A little about us…

Who are we? 

We are a fun loving Tassie team who love the outdoors and are officially ‘crazy dog people’.  Portrait photographer, Russ Tatlow, accounts and bookings person, Julie, and trainee junior assistant, Josh, who often takes care of lighting, getting treats and giving dogs lots of rewarding hugs after the photo sessions.

Russ’s pets, past and present

I was lucky enough to grow up with plenty of pets including cats, dogs, budgies, fish, chickens, lizards, guinea pigs, and even mice! Our trusty family cats; Sooty, Dinks and Sammy were full of personality and affection. I would often wake to the sound of purring in my ear and a gentle ‘head-butt’ from one of them. Some years later I discovered a lost soul, an aussie cattle dog pup (Jemma), who I discovered was living with an abusive owner. I was 18 at the time and had about 5 minutes to decide what to do when I first met her; ignore my gut instinct, or demand that I take her with me. Jemma and I drove off 2 minutes later – it was the best decision I ever made. Jemma had an amazing long life with our family – full of fun, travel and adventure. Jump ahead to now, where ‘we’ are owned by a highly spirited cavoodle, called Dusty. He’s an incredible communicator – master of head tilting and very strange noises (we always know what’s on his mind). He is our family star, our little ‘Noodle’!

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