A little about me…

Hi, I’m Russ Tatlow, Hobart based pet photographer – lover of fine coffee, craft beer and the great outdoors.  I absolutely love photographing the curious nature of dogs and the special bond they have with their owners.  I just couldn’t imagine not doing what I do.

I was lucky enough to grow up with plenty of pets but I developed a special bond with a young Cattle Dog (Jemma), who I rescued from an abusive owner.  Jemma had an amazing life with our family, full of fun, travel and adventure.  She opened my eyes to the joy dogs and humans can create for each other.  Jump ahead to now where my family and I are ‘owned’ by a highly spirited cavoodle, called Dusty.

How did I get started in this line of work?  I was studying Graphic Design when I became interested in Photography. A large part of my course involved photography and photo retouching, and Dusty was always there happy to, lend a paw and, be the main subject for my assignments. From there, I basically took every opportunity to photograph dogs. After completing my Diploma I worked, as an Intern Photographer/Graphic Designer, with Amnesty International where I photographed events and marches.  I then began to receive requests to photograph sporting events, dance events and fine art portraits for people which I still do (athletes, dancers and general portraits), but I really enjoy the freedom and playfulness that working with dogs provides.  It really is the most fun you can have with a camera.

I have a passion for vibrant, dynamic images with lots of colour and personality.  I take a great deal of care editing and preparing final images for my clients as if they were my own.  I don’t stop until I’m personally happy with the end results.

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